Monday, 22 October 2012

Jervis Bay weekend and other Sydney adventures

A bit behind as usual...

I have had this entry all set to post for a couple weeks and just did not get around to it!

Here is the quick recap on Jervis Bay... Monday was Labour Day here in Australia.  This meant road tripping it down to Jervis Bay with some friends for the long weekend.  It was a great time relaxing and enjoying some time outdoors with friends.  

The hubby and I had never been to the Jervis Bay area and we were very excited.  It is only a few hours south of Sydney, but is one of those places that just feels worlds away.  

Here is a speedy view of the weekend via pictures!

We left after everyone finished work on Friday night and wanted to get on the road.  So we stopped about half-way there to get some food and look what we found.  Thats right.  The Outback in Australia.  And yes to answer your questions, we got the blooming onion and they have free refills.  Awesome.

This is the beach next to Hyams Beach (can't remember the name) these supposedly have the whitest sand in the world.  We all debated how they can actually establish this fact and did not come to any real conclusions.  There is a high amount of quartz in the sand that makes it so white.  It was in fact a very white sand, but I couldn't tell the difference between that and other "white sand" beaches I have been to on islands and such.  Still very beautiful though.

Another beach picture while I was wandering around.

 We all did a nice long bush walk through the national park area on the first day.  These are a couple pictures I took along the way...

My obsession with all sorts of signs continues...

Oh, hey dolphins... no big deal just swimming along near the beach.

Another shot of the dolphins passing by...

Flower on the beach

 We got a bit Australia'd here... we drove over to see a lighthouse thinking we would see a nice old lighthouse perched on a cliff.  Nope we got ruins of a creepy lighthouse with some old stories of a cursed family who used to live there.  Yeah, scary.

Pre-kayaking in the bay.  I didn't take my camera with me.  But we did see some more dolphins while we were kayaking... until a site seeing boat scared them away from us. 

 Last stop before heading home was a place called Sanctuary Point.  It was more of a nature reserve type area than a beach.  I really liked it... kinda felt like I was in the White Mountains of NH or something.  Just very peaceful...

Sunset as the weekend came to an end...

A few other random things from this quick getaway to this past weekend we spent in Uluru (that's coming up in the next  post!)...

MasterChef Live- Took a cooking class on Ricotta Hotcakes and Pears.  Super Yummy.

  These are from Maroon 5... Not very good pictures of my trying to zoom from my iphone... alas.  This was my second time seeing them live and it was awesome.  I think the hubby is a fan now.

Here is our friendly neighborhood bat.  He has moved into the wires across the street.  I like him.  I think he scares the possums and loud birds away :)

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