Wednesday, 9 May 2012

First official post- woo hoo!

Here we go... my first official post, how exciting!  Like my little "about me" intro says, I love travel, baking and food and decided to start a blog to document my adventures.  Yes, I know this is what everyone else and their mother does, but it will help me to keep track of life and all our adventures while living abroad.

My husband was transferred to Sydney for work for 2 years.  We are about 1/2 of our way through our time here already and loving it.  Before the move neither of us had ever lived outside the Boston area... so it was a pretty big move!

My job pretty much does not exist here (at least in the capacity it does in the states) and they would not transfer over my credentialing (blah).  Most think it would be amazing to not have to work for 2 years, but I am a bit too high strung for that.  It took a while, but I have finally filled up most of my week with activities…

~ Part time Nanny-Extraodinarre!  Cutest little guy ever, and I spend part of the week playing with him :)

Running… because what else to do with my free time really. Yes, this is a picture of the hubby and I dressed as Santa for a 5k fun run in Sydney.  Yes, it was hot in a ill fitted polyester suit… but pretty ridiculous and fun. I will have ½ marathon pictures coming soon!  Really soon actually... May 20th is sneaking up on me real quick!

Then I end my run stretching in the park at the end of the street with this view... not a bad start to a day.

~ Baking ah yes my stress relief

~ Volunteer work. No pictures of this. Hopefully by the time I leave I will have helped to spread awareness of Operation Smile Australia.

~ Online Courses – you know, just in case I didn’t have enough stuff to do

Clearly I am keeping myself busy now.  Initially I was feeling a bit selfish doing so much stuff for myself while here, but I have been starting to like it more each day!  Living overseas has been a fantastic life experience thus far, and I feel very fortunate to have this type of opportunity.  We are feeling pretty settled after the rocky first 6 months or so.  Besides feeling like I am living a double life, things are good :) But really how bad can they be with this as a view...

I had all the intentions of starting a blog when I first got to Sydney to document what we are up to (in part to save myself from writing the same email 20 times!).  I will post some pictures and stories from our adventures so far, then hopefully be able to keep up with everything starting now as well!

Food has become a big part of helping with feeling homesick.  There is something about making one of my mom’s recipes for dinner that makes everything seem good… a “no worries” moment if you will.  You also can’t get a lot of foods we eat back in the states here, so I have started to come up with my own versions of these foods as well.

Alright, now that I have actually motivated myself to start this blog, I will be on top of making posts.  First up will be some quick recipes and recaps of travel adventures this year... 

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