Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Australia Day and Lamingtons!

Okay.  So I have a confession.  I don't really remember too much about Australia Day last year.  We didn't really do much.  I think that's why.  All I remember is we did watch the ferrys race by from our place (yeah we were wicked spoiled with the view).  Here they go...

Then we went to Kirribilli club, ate meat pies and had schooners and called it a day.

This year was much more eventful.  We headed out after a morning run to a BBQ in one of the inner west suburbs.  We took a ferry to get there... always a nice way to travel.

Dinner at our favorite Japanese place.

And I made these.  As mentioned in my last post, I have a love hate relationship with the lamington.  Actually, up to this point, it was more a hate relationship.  I just had never had one I really liked... until this recipe friends.  Oh yes, it is that good.

In theory, all lamingtons should be delicious.  A piece of cake that is rolled in chocolate then rolled in coconut... um yes please.  However, like a good chocolate chip cookie in the states, it is hard to find a good one.  They have the packaged stuff at all the markets and most bakeries do them as well... just with very mixed results.

When I got my new issue of Delicious Magazine (think Aussie Bon Appetite) and there was a recipe for strawberry swirl lamingtons, I knew I had to try it.  Better yet... the recipe is from Curtis Stone.  Who is that you may ask... let me tell you.  1. He has a show (or had?) in the states called Take Home Chef where he would ambush (usually women cooking dinner for their hubbies/partners) an unsuspecting shopper in the market and offer to help cook dinner.  Yes, most of the women freaked out... understandable.  2. He hosts Top Chef Masters.  And I love anything Top Chef.  3.  His partner is Lindsay Price... she was on Beverly Hills, 90210 and really I shouldn't need to say anything else about that awesomeness.

Therefore, I concluded, he must have a good lamington recipe.  I was right.  Here it is with a few minor changes.


Strawberry Swirl Lamingtons