Monday, 17 September 2012

Disney World Awesomeness and 1/2 Marathon Take 2

So, even though we were just in the states in June and have been crazy busy since then, we went back. Long story short, the hubby had a work training seminar they wanted him to go to and last minute we planned a trip back.  Because of the ridiculously long travel time, I normally would not have wanted to go myself. Really, there was only one thing that would get me to do the trip... yes that's right, a trip to Disney World (oh and also Harry Potter land at Universal).

Indeed I am like a child that has never grown up.  I still love all things Disney... I am especially partial to Disney World.  Because of this obsession, we packed up yet again and did the close to 20 hours flying to get to Orlando. It was ridiculously hot and humid while we were there (an almost welcome break from the cooler weather here... although it is warming up now).   Typical Florida weather... although not very conducive to my 1/2 marathon training.  It resulted in some pretty early morning runs... even then at 6am it was still close to 80 degrees and felt like I was swimming after about 30 seconds outside due to the humidity.  Really Florida, you are killing me.  Although, being up early has its benefits... that peacefulness when there is really no one else out and about, less cars on the road to worry about and best of all no lines when I go to get pumpkin lattes or ice coffee at DD or Starbucks post run! Side note, I got my full fill of all things pumpkin including my favorite coffee drinks, pumpkin scones and bagels with pumpkin cream cheese (I don't even remember Dunkin' Donuts having this before, but it was amazing).  Sorry for the pumpkin tangent.  I also wouldn't have seen this if I didn't get up early... so it's all good.

Overall, it was a great stress free trip.  The hubby had a few training days, but we arrived early to do some days at the parks, meet up with friends and enjoy a bit of a mini-vacation.

Here are some photo highlights from the trip.  I will warn you now, brace yourselves for the amazing t-shirt display throughout the trip.  Yeah, I am that awesome.

We started out spending the weekend at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.  It has been a while since we have been to either park, and the whole Harry Potter area was new for us.

Umm... the hubby just likes this place.  We didn't actually eat here or anything... just a picture out front.

First look at the Harry Potter area... exciting!

More Hogsmead stuff...

And Hogwarts...

We decided we liked these little guys from Despicable Me.  They were all over the place... apparently we are late jumping on that bandwagon. 

A random Popeye statue.  

Next up we had all the Disney parks... here are a few fun pictures from that part of the trip...

And here my obsession with pumpkins continues!  I had never been to the parks this time of year so I was a bit excited...

It was also an excuse to practice with all the different camera settings...

Okay last one...

Woo group photo with Donald at the Mexican pavilion at EPCOT.

Yeah, we are that awesome.

Oh yeah, even better.

The hubby snapped this picture.  I thought it came out good... even though I hate this ride with a passion.

Last night... belated anniversary dinner and drinks at Jiko.  Good times.

That brings me up to speed to this past weekend.  Woo!  The blog is finally up to date again.  So, this past weekend I ran my second 1/2 marathon.  Who knew I would become such an avid runner here down under!  Anyways, it went really well.  I knew what to expect this time, so I had an idea of how hard to push myself and still make it through.  I cut off more than 6 minutes from my first half... not bad if I do say so myself.  It was a great run overall as well... fantastic sunny 60 degree morning, the run pretty much started going over the harbour bridge and finishes up at the opera house.  Pretty cool experience.  Highlights: Bruce happened to start playing on my playlist while running the bridge and the finish line at the opera house.  Legs are super sore today, but well worth it!

Okay... everyone is up to date on our lives now.  This is good because there is a ton of stuff coming up in the next few months with travels and visitors!  Per usual, I will try to be better about keeping this more current :)

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